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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Health Issues and Yoga

Troubled with aches or health disorders? – Worry no more!
Stress, Anxiety, Aches, disorders!!!!!!!!!! These are few buzz words of today’s hi tech world we are living in. Yoga is the only solution to all this and to get relaxation of the mind and body.

Yoga not only cures lots of our physical ailments but also brings internal healing. Yoga as healing practices is has been used since ages and traditionally used for personal fulfillment and self realization. Even medical experts today recommend including regular practice of Yoga in our daily routine to get rid of many diseases that can be treated with the help of yoga.

Nothing can relieve us from stress permanently other than Yoga that gives us healthful life.

Yoga has asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), kriyas (cleansing techniques and special dietary recommendations) for healing almost all health disorders, allergies, aches, pains etc. Contrary to the popular myth, even the simplest yoga asanas have a magical effect on most ailments.

Practical hints on Yoga practice
Following guidelines must be followed to get maximum health benefits of yoga:
  • Be aware of your body’s limit to bear strain and do the yoga to the extent your body feels comfortable. Don’t force, strain, or, least of all, judge yourself.

  • Make sure to notice at first any sort of pain, exhaustion, dizziness, shortness of breath, or any other discomfort and do not hesitate to slow down or stop, immediately.

  • Feel relaxed and comfortable, and go easy to become a healthier, happier person, naturally. Do not compete with others as far as yoga is concerned and follow your own pace. Choose the starting easier asanas and pranayamas in the beginning first. Gradually move to other practices that seem a little difficult to you.

  • It is advised not to practice Yoga for 2-3 hours after meals. For best results yoga must be done when your stomach and bowels are empty. It is alright to have a few sips of water before, but not during Yoga practice. Always avoid direct sunlight for doing yoga whatever the pose may be.

  • Avoid tight fittings and wear loose and comfortable clothes, if possible cotton, to Yoga practice, to allow making movements freely. Even slippers or shoes must be avoided rather, use a large thick towel or Yoga mat.

  • Ensure to relax for at least 10–15 minutes after each session Even if you are not a beginner it is recommended to practice Yoga under expert supervision. Above all, consult your doctor how it suits you, before starting Yoga practice.
Everyone wants the best and the same is true in the case of choosing the right set of Yoga practices. This is why we have discussed Yoga practices keeping in mind the individual ailments and needs.


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