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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yoga For A Flat Stomach - 4 Effective Asanas

If you are planning your health and fitness routine, do not forget to include yoga. Yoga is the best stress buster, enhances mobility and gives total body control. One may wonder to know that yoga can be used specially for your stomach. There are asanas that give strength to stomach muscles. However these exercises come in varying degrees of strains. It is advised to analyze your tolerance and fitness levels and select poses compatible to your body. Begin with a little easier poses and work up to the complicated ones as the time passes by. Do not get over excited to select more poses than your body capacity. Make sure to take medical advice before experimenting new exercise and ensure to warm up to avoid injury.

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Some of the Asanas to improve stomach tone;

1. Pavan-Muktasan
Start with lying on your back straight on a yoga mat or towel to avoid spine injuries. In the beginning, perform this exercise using one leg at a time. Kneel down to the extent so that your thighs touch your abdomen. Hug your knees, using one hand to hold the other. Raise the head so that your nose touches your knees, breathe deeply and hold this for thirty seconds. Release your legs and come back to the original position gradually.

2. Bhujangasan
Start with lying on the floor and roll onto your stomach. Ensure that the hands are kept under respective shoulder as if to do a push up. Raise your upper torso from the ground with the help of your back muscles to make head upright. Try to take help of back muscles only to do all the work without using your hands. The main feature of this pose is the use of your back muscles, to give strength and tone up your stomach muscles.

3. The Bow

This is a complicated pose. The stomach exercise resembles Bhujangasan asana, but is more difficult. Begin with lying flat on your stomach - but ensure to curl your legs upwards simultaneously lifting your upper body. The pose must end up forming a circle where the soles of your feet come toward the back of your head. Try to grab your ankles, pull with your hands, push using your legs to the extent that the stomach touches the floor. Hold this for at least thirty seconds before releasing then come back to the original position.

4. Paad-Pashchimottanasan

This is one of the complicated poses. First lye down on your back, keep the legs straight and get relaxed, keep the arms stretched over your head. Make sure that your palms face the ceiling. Sit straight with the help of stomach muscles only, ensuring back straight and hands overhead. Take care to keep fixed legs to the floor throughout. Lean forward to give head in a position in between your arms and grab your toes with both hands. Hold for 2 minutes before releasing and slowly come back to the original position with the help of stomach muscles to lower yourself to the floor.

It is recommended to combine yoga with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to get best results.

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