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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yoga Treatment for Colitis

Meaning of Colitis
Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory disorder which affects the rectum and colon, causing ulceration. Ulcerative colitis, if it persists for many years, can lead to bowel cancer. It can also lead to eye disorders, erythema nodosum and arthritis. The disease affects women to a greater extent.

Signs & Symptoms of Colitis
  • In cases of a mild attack, symptoms include diarrhea (often with mucus and blood), fatigue, abdominal pain and poor appetite.
  • In its severe form, along with diarrhea there is high fever, abdominal pain, swelling and weight loss.
  • A fatal complication of this disease causes swelling and inflammation of the colon, which might lead to bowel perforation.

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Causes of Colitis
  • Genetic factors are often instrumental in causing colitis.
  • Environmental factors too can be responsible and cause ulcerative colitis.
  • Some foods might actually encourage colon inflammation. A diet that is low in fermentable fiber might enhance the incidence of colitis.
  • The chemical Accutane could be the cause for triggering ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease.
  • Toxic effects of the hydrogen sulphide on intestinal cell lining can also be the cause of the disease.

Yogic Management of Colitis
Yoga can be practiced daily for improving circulation and creating flexibility in the body. Yoga breathing practices create a state of restful alertness in the mind and body. The popular yoga poses that help to combat this ailment are:
  • Uddiyana: Forward bending posture
  • Fish pose
  • Shavasana: Corpse pose
  • Gentle inversion poses

Home Remedies of Colitis
  • Patients should consume soups with Panchakola to which black pepper is added.
  • Amla and ginger paste can be useful.
  • Eat old rice, lentil, wood apple, nutmeg, buttermilk, hot water and take complete rest in order to get relief during the condition.

Ayurvedic Management of Colitis
  • Vaiswanara choornam, Dadimadi choornam, Indukantam tablet, Pippalysavam, Kaidaryadi tab and Kaidaryadi qwath can be used to cure colitis.
  • Use Badara, Dadima, Amlavetasa and Vrukshamla in powder form along with Trikatu, five salts added with sugar and with cooked cereals, pulses and vegetables.
  • Use of Caraway, Chamomile, Fennel and Peppermint is safe – when taken in correct dosages.
  • This disease can be treated well by Kapoor ras, Hingwashtak churna, rhkutaj ghan bati, Triphala capsules etc.

This ailment is best treated by Ayurveda and home remedies. Having a healthy lifestyle can also go a long way to combat this ailment.
(All the information in this document is well researched but general. To know more about remedies of these diseases please contact our specialists)