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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yoga And Food

Q1. Do I need to consult a yoga teacher for my diet chart?
Basically a yoga teacher cannot teach what experience can teach to anyone. One must enjoy whatever one eats and drinks and therefore get maximum health benefits that cannot be obtained if one takes food just because it is recommended and not enjoyable. Hence one must set one’s own rules and discipline for making diet chart. There are a lot of things that cannot be ignored while choosing diet. They are age, size, weight, habits, tastes, metabolism, climate, availability, resources, occupation, lifestyle, physical activities and social customs. For example, we must change our diet gradually as we grow in age from a child to an old taking in account the medical history and circumstances.

Q2. Is there an ideal diet for a yoga practitioner?
Not exactly an 'ideal diet' but a balanced diet is always preferred and advised and that must include carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, minerals, roughage and the so-called trace elements every day in recommended quantity. Any wholesome diet including all necessary food elements in recommended amounts with variety of natural food sources is best for the health.

Q3. Will vegetarian food serve as an ideal ingredient for my diet?
Lacto-vegetarian food is the best meal any yogi. This includes whole-grain cereals, pulses, legumes, wheat-germ, gram flour, oilseeds, vegetable oils, nuts, roots, tubers, green and fresh vegetables, fresh and dry fruits, honey, sugar, milk, ghee, butter, sweet buttermilk, sweet curd and germinated grams. Variety of diets can be prepared including couple of these ingredients in a correct proportion is the best meal for a practitioner.

Q4. Do I have any specific timings for having my food?
There must be a routine for taking meals and the routine must be followed religiously on a daily basis. Eating frequently at irregular intervals is not good for health. Eating pattern must include adequate gaps in between and must be followed regularly. However there must not be too long intervals between any two meals it can be extremely harmful for the body if our belly remains empty for a longer time.

Q5. Does light eating in between proper meals help?
Generally, for healthy adults the total calorific requirements for a day are met easily by two wholesome diets. It is not advised to consume fillers like nuts, chocolates and snacks in between the meals as the metabolism of body is disturbed as they will get consumed by your digestive system and as a result appetite is not stimulated your main meal.

Q6. What is the best time to eat before going to bed?
Experts advise to take dinner 2 hours before the bed time. It is harmful for the body to have dinner too late at night or having sleep immediately after dinner. Also never skip dinner as going to bed empty stomach is also harmful for body. Belly must be full but with light food.

Q7. Can I eat something just before or after my yoga sessions?
It is not recommended to eat just before starting or at the end of yoga session. Rather take rest and get relaxed and make up your mind to have your food.

Q8. Why is being a vegetarian stressed so much while practicing yoga?
Nothing has been recommended like that to prefer vegetarian diet while practicing yoga. A normal diet full of all necessary supplements with balanced protein, fats and carbs is more important. However, if your ethics and morals restrict you to kill and eat animals you can change your food habits.

Being vegetarian Helps in many ways and even doctors recommend veg diet. Most important among them is that, Asanas and Pranayama give an automatic repulsive force to body and mind that refuses flesh-based diet in order to bring cellular quietness. Therefore, simple vegetarian dishes do not irritate the system.


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  1. Hi, I'm a 27-year-old working woman with 5'-4" height and weight is 62 kg. I am a bit flabby around the stomach. With my hectic lifestlye, I don't get time to exercise. Would be grateful if you would suggest a diet chart for me, according to which I can at least eat healthy.
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