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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Benefits of Yoga

If one can collect and pack all the benefits of yoga in the form of a pill or tablet, perhaps no one would ever hesitate to take that tablet. The reason being that no other pill or therapy can give so many benefits to our body.

Some yoga poses as described to work as cleansing practice for the body the have proved very beneficial to treat various physical disorders without any medication. Further, Yoga is incredibly helpful in:

Improving Flexibility – Yoga poses improve flexibility of body because not only one part but all the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body move and become active.

Massaging Internal Organs – Though different physical activities like jogging, swimming have health benefits but yoga is the only one that acts upon all the organs and even the glands and massages them by increasing the flow of blood. One can be surprised to know that the prostate gland which gets externally stimulated hardly ever in or life is stimulated by practicing yoga.

Yoga is a holistic approach to one’s fitness and acts upon all of one’s body parts. This organic rub down and stimuli, subsequently, does us good by keeping disease at bay. It also helps provide an intuition, at the first possible instance, of a probable advent of illness or disorder.

Total Internal Detoxification – Different toxins are easily washed out of our body as yoga poses increase blood supply to various body parts thereby massaging the different organs. The way different muscles and joints are stretched, the whole body gets nourished.

First-rate firming up of muscles – All those muscles that which become weak flabby or are sagging are firmed up by getting rid of excess fat and floppiness.

However, regularity, punctuality and will power are the keys to get real benefits of yoga. The most beautiful point is that yoga brings coordination and synchronization in the mind and body. All these massive bodily benefits are merely spin-offs of this wonderful practice. This proves beyond, doubt, that the mind and body are closely interlinked.

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