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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yoga For Men

Yoga, the buzz word of today, is the need of today’s technological era. Especially for men, yoga offers beneficial asanas that help men to keep pace with rapidly moving life?

Men generally spend most of the time of their life in comparatively more strenuous activities for which they need to be fit and have strength both - physically and mentally. Practicing yoga Asanas makes their body flexible and sporty so that they can get easily involved in sports and other physical activities and reduce the frequency and intensity of the jerks and wounds that come packed with these activities. When yoga and meditation become a regular and routine activity of men’s life, they can introspect easily and can listen to their inner voice, and develop a more positive view attitude, thus, improving their relations in the society.

If we look at Yoga as a holistic approach that works on all body systems then only we can understand how yoga helps men to get both strength and flexibility and that is what men need. That is why yoga is reliable method to become fit and healthy. Yoga is becoming more popular among men, and for good reason. Not only it reduces the risk of heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure, but also assures you of a life free from ailments. As stress has become a part of everyone’s life and men are more prone to become a prey of it, yoga helps to lead a stress free life by synchronizing mind-body which is necessary for a person’s health and general well being. In India, although the practice of yoga has been since ages but has got tremendous popularity in the past few decades .Virtually all the Indian masters who brought yoga in the west were men.

Contrary to the western countries where yoga has been largely practiced by women, in India it’s domain of men. However we all must include Yoga in our daily chores for overall fitness and healthy lifestyle.

The most interesting fact is that Yoga helps you to know your body better and the strength and weakness of your own body in your own terms. While making future plans in the present your ability to cope with change without losing your balance becomes easier. Men today are equally concerned about their health and fitness as Women and hence adapt to yoga more often than women Irrespective of the benefits of today’s technological advancement, the stress for men has grown up many times than few it was decades ago. Stress not only affects our health negatively but also spoils our relations in society. Definitely men find the solution in yoga

A lot of information is available about yoga through various sources. So let’s make our life easier with the help of Yoga and bring surprising changes in our life?


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