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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Relaxation Techniques at Office

In this digital age, a new work hazard has emerged: prolonged sitting. While office work is generally safer than manual labor, sitting all day can also impact your body Sitting like this for long periods of time reduces blood circulation, which can lead to varicose veins.

Most workers probably appreciate the fatigue also caused by sitting for long periods. (When the mind detects lower blood circulation, it slows down the heart and distributes less energy throughout the body.) The neck and lower back are also common victims of extended sitting, since many people have poor posture stemming from weak core muscles and incorrect alignment of the spine.

Our body requires constant movement and exercise by which all the systems of our body are regulated. But a lot of us are into jobs, which involves constant sitting. There is a solution to this entire problem.A good option to get relaxed at work is to take miniature Relaxation Breaks once an hour or so. Here are a couple of simple techniques to help you feel peaceful and relaxed at the office.

If you have a height adjustable chair see that the height of your chair, your body and height of the table are right. Sometimes even a small adjustment of height will make you feel comfortable. A lot of chairs are available in the market. Kneeling chairs have both pro’s and con’s. When you sit on these your hips are higher then your knees and spine is upright. Slump a little and come to the correct position. With this you can breathe better. But if you sit on it for a long time its uncomfortable.

Chairs without arms are better as you cannot rest your arms or elbows which would have created unnecessary tension for the muscles of your neck, shoulders and upper back. When your hands are not busy keep your shoulders back and down and rest your hands in your lap.

These are some of the relaxation techniques that you can follow while you are at work or in your office. You can practice these techniques at the convenience of your office place without disturbing your work.

Helping Hands
Continue to sit tall while you bring your hands out to the side, at the same height as your shoulders. Your elbows should be bent, and your hands should cup as if to receive something from above. Imagine energy in your hands, and once they feel full, let the energy move into your palms and down into your arms, toward your heart.

Next, bring the hands together and oil them lightly if you happen to have essential oil at work. (Lavender is a lovely oil to have on hand, as it is restorative and soothing.) Rub the back of the left hand with the right palm, moving quickly to build a bit of heat. You may press quite hard, if that feels good to you. Switch to rubbing the back of the right hand with the left.

Finally, rub your palms together. Once your palms feel hot, cup your hands, palms up, at the level of the heart. Notice how you feel.

Calming Inner Energy
Still sitting tall, bring your hands to your waist. You may find more freedom of movement by sitting cross-legged on the floor. With awareness, begin moving your torso, head, and neck in a big circle. Bend gently foreword to the left, breathing slowly and fully Bring your head forward to skim your left knee, and continue your circle to the right, skimming the right knee.

After lifting your torso on the right side, take a baby back bend by arching backward and looking up toward the ceiling. Continue circling until you feel relaxed and energized.

The easiest way to improve circulation and reduce tension at the office is to move more. Give yourself permission to stand every 15 minutes or half hour, just to stretch your limbs and keep your blood pumping. Better circulation brings more oxygen to the brain, so you may find your productivity increasing along with your relaxation.

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