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About Us

Who We Are ?

Vivekanand Needam, Gwalior, was established in the year 1982 by some eminent social workers from Gwalior. Inspired by the morals and ethics of Swami Vivekanand, this prestigious centre has been contributing in the prominent areas of Natural Therapy, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Aspects, not only in Gwalior but outside Gwalior also.

The main aim of Vivekanand Needam, Gwalior is the physical, mental and spiritual development of people. With this auspicious aim, it was established in the year 1995 on a small hill in the midst of glorious, peaceful and beautiful natural ambience. It is a well known and famous place of Gwalior and it’s enchanting, peaceful ambience free from pollution and stress, attracts those who are in search of spirituality and mental peace.

The activities in the Needam premises are coordinated by many dedicated persons who are followers of Swami Vivekanand philosophy. Many people are benefited here not only from Gwalior but from various parts of the country.

What we do?

  1. Regular Morning and evening yoga classes
  2. Yoga classes organized in various schools, clubs, societies and residential colonies
  3. Pranayam classes
  4. Yoga Therapy classes (Organized with a specific purpose of treating psychosomatic diseases).
  5. Meditation classes
  6. Training classes for typical yoga positions
  7. One month certification course for yoga trainer.
Personality Development
  1. Kids Development Camp – Residential for age group 4-7 yrs
  2. Personality Development Camp – Residential for age group 8-13 yrs
  3. Youth Inspiration Camp – Residential for age group 14-25 yrs
  4. Spiritual Development Camp - Residential for age group 25 yrs and above 
  1. Full fledged modern facilities of mud therapy,sunbath, steambath, water therapy , fasting etc in the “NIRAMAYA”, the hospital, running on the philosophy of natural therapy.
  2. Treatment by various yoga streams.
  3. Various diploma courses running under the guidance of NIRAMAYA : "Academy of Yoga and Natural Therapy"
Dedicated for boarding, lodging and study of children form local tribes. 

“Vaanprastha Nilyam” (Old Age Home) 
A residential choice for old age people. An opportunity to serve the needy with full dedication and grow with the experienced of life. 

A place for pure milk, fertilizers and “gober gas”, a place where worship of cows is a tradition. 

Natural Ambience 
A peaceful and natural ambience filled with greenery, beautiful birds and animals, fountains and natural surroundings.

Literature and Library 
Shri Ramkrishna Vivekananda philosophy literature is available in the library to guide the followers on the path of spiritual development and satisfy the thirst for mental growth.

Residential Facility 
Residential facility is available for those who are interested to serve and help the needy with dedication. Residential facility is also available for medical practiceners in the Needam premises.

All eminent social workers are requested to join us in the mission of helping the needy and make several lives happier, full of joys, peace and satisfaction, by contributing physically, mentally and financially.

Any charity/donation given to “Ananda Kendra”, Gwalior is exempted from tax under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Please send your cheque, draft or money order in the name of “Aanand Kendra”, Gwalior.

How to Reach Needam?
Vivekanand Needam is located at a distance of only 3.5 km from Gwalior railway station. The Chandravadani checkpost, located at the Jhansi Road is connected with Harishankerpuram by a road named “Needam Marg”. The needam marg leads to the “Needam” after crossing the railway gate. Needam is easily accessible trough any auto rickshaw or other vehicle.

Contact Us
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