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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yoga Music - The Real Celebration of Body And Mind!

Yoga music brings additional peace to people while they are doing yoga. Free Yoga CDs are easily available on Internet It is the music combined with traditional yoga moves. Yoga music helps to bring harmony in mind and body. However, some yoga music CDs may contain music that is not really suitable for yoga.

Nada Yoga
The meaning of the word Nada is “sound” and hence nada yoga means "Yoga combined with sound". Yoga poses that involve sound and music (or the absence of sound) come in this category. In nada yoga, focuses basically on the internal sound that is found within the body, and not on the sound that is heard with the ear. Chanting may or may not be involved in nada yoga. The use of music can assist in the practice of nada yoga. Nada yoga can be practiced concentrating on simple music for around 15 minutes every day during yoga practice.

Yoga Music as Background for Yoga

Yoga meditation music or yoga relaxation music gives a soothing feeling if used as background music for yoga. It helps the mind to concentrate better and avoids distraction of mind. Yoga meditation music gives mental, spiritual benefits, as well as the physical benefits to the body. People suffering from poor concentration, may feel relaxed and keep their mind focused during the day by using Yoga music as background music for routine activities.

Types of Yoga Music

There is variety of yoga relaxation music for practicing yoga. Music for yoga should be relaxing, slow and relatively simple. Such type of music includes:
  • Special yoga CDs;
  • World music;
  • American flute music;
  • Meditation music;
  • Classic music;
  • Nature relaxation CDs;
  • Celtic music.
Yoga meditation music or yoga relaxation music is prepared with an aim of providing the right background for a yoga workout. However, It’s not a hard and fast rule and other type of music can also be tried if you believe it would be good in a yoga workout. The music must be enjoying, but not something to take your mind off your yoga workout. Make sure to keep away the music you dislike, as it will not serve the purpose of bringing relaxation.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation Music

Yoga meditation music poses a lot of benefits, particularly for those who have just started doing yoga.
  • The mind can concentrate better.
  • Distractions are removed from your mind.
  • Gives perfect ambience for yoga.
  • Nothing can be more relaxing and soothing than Yoga music.
  • Other background noises are absorbed in Yoga music.
  • The mind becomes habitual to practice letting go of any thoughts.
  • It can make a yoga workout more interesting.
Sources of Yoga Music
Yoga music is quite popular among today’s generation and hence easily available. Yoga music is specifically designed with an aim to help for better concentration in yoga workout.

Music Specifically Designed For Yoga

Special yoga CDs can be traced out easily in the markets worldwide. While Internet is a good source for online shopping, it can also be bought from music stores, some health food shops and can be easily downloaded on the Internet. Special yoga and meditation radio stations give a facility to enjoy yoga music for free on the Internet.

Other Music That Can Be Used In Yoga

If the special yoga music does not suit you, you may choose other music that keeps you focused for yoga workouts for example classical, Celtic, world or relaxation CDs. Quite popular among today’s generation, yoga music is easily available from music stores. Another good option is classical music station that can help in concentrating on yoga as it serves as good background music for yoga. However, make sure to choose a time when there is only yoga music, without gossips.

Yoga can be practiced in better ways with the help of Yoga music. Nothing can be more relaxing and the good news is that distracting thoughts are eliminated and concentration on yoga workout improves when you hear yoga music. Yoga music has emerged as a boon to beginners, who feel that they can concentrate better on their yoga workout and keep unwanted thoughts away from their mind. Internet is a great source for free yoga music and you can find good collection of music if you search. However specific yoga CDs can be bought any time.


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