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Yoga and Natural Therapy Center, India

For Healthy Soul and Body and Peaceful Mind
The Yoga and Natural Therapy Hospital

  • To treat ill people with the help of natural therapy and make them aware of health benefits as well as reasons of illness including prevention and cure.
  • To practice natural therapy methods and treat diseases using these methods.
  • To organize yoga training camps, workshops, seminars and use publications to spread awareness in the society for nature and health benefits.
  • To educate people about yoga and core aspects of natural therapy and and make the society aware of natural therapy system.
  • Painless and simple treatment of all diseases.
  • Painless natural therapy
  • Treatment of chronic and incurable diseases
  • State of the Art treatment facilities comparable to medical fraternity of Banglore, Jaipur at nominal and affordable prices.
  • Residential facility available for treatment in the natural healing ambience at Vivekanand Needam.
  • Fooding facilities available for simple, easy digestable and pure food
  • Library and auditorium available.
Treatment Methods
  • Water Therapy – Steam bath, spinal bath, full tub bath, lumber bath, hot and cold bath
  • Mud Therapy – Mud bandage, mud body cover
  • Yoga Therapy – Shithlikaran Vyayam, Sukshma vyayam, breathing types, surya namaskar, pranayam, shudhi kriyayen, dhyan etc.
  • Other Therapies – Sun Therapy, massage by scientific methods, shankha prakshalan etc.
  • Fortified Food Therapy – To make people aware of simple, easy digestable and pure vegetarian food  
Disease Causing Factors and Treatment
Any disease in the body is the manifestation of imbalance caused by bio – chemical action – reaction in the body. Diseases causing unhealthy fluids are stored in the body as a result of improper food intake, mental stress, polluted atmosphere, inactive lazy lifestyle. This is the genuine disease causing factor and gives birth to many disease.
  • Asthma, cough and cold, Allergy, Breathing Disorders, Bronchitis.
  • Acidity. Ulcer, Gas, Indigestion, Constipation & stomach disorders.
  • Joint pain, Backache, Body Stiffness, sciatica, Spinal cord disorders, Rheumatism, Arthritis.
  • Eczema, Esab, Skin Disease.
  • Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Heart diseases, Insomnia.
  • Diabetes, Obesity.