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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yoga for Beginners

Our body works like machinery that is a combination of several joints. Similar to the machine parts, the joints in our body also need movement and lubrication time to time on a regular basis. While the lubrication is provided by the food we eat, Yoga and other physical activities are required for essential joint movements. A bitter truth is that in our day to day life some of our joints tend to get overused, while some are barely used.

Although we all get used to this condition of our body but the bad effects appear at a later stage, when health problems occur. Yoga is especially helpful to maintain the flexibility and healthy condition of joints because most of the yoga asanas are developed to increase the basic movements of joints.

Benefits of Yoga for Beginners
  • While the muscles which are focused during a particular yoga asana, work out, the rest of the body muscles get relaxed. Hence concentration on the movement of a particular muscle comes easily.

  • Old Age people and those, whose movements are restricted, also can perform these movements without much strain.
Yoga basics of beginners
  • Youths below 12 years of age are advised not to practice Yoga asanas for long and also to avoid maintaining asanas for very long.

  • Yoga gives maximum results if practiced for at least half an hour or more daily. Start with beginner yoga poses.

  • It is however advised to practice yoga asanas in early morning; as the concentration is maximum at that time but one is short of time then yoga can be practiced in the evenings as well

  • Yoga experts recommend practicing yoga asanas empty stomach. Any solid food must be consumed at least 3 – 5 hours before practicing and liquids 1 hour before.

  • Choose a place to practice that is spacious, clean, airy and far from disturbances.

  • It is recommended to practice yoga on a mat or carpet below but not on the bare floor.

  • Tight fittings are not allowed to be worn while practicing. Only loose, comfortable and clean cloths must be worn.

  • Undergarments are mandatory.

  • Spicy foods must be avoided during yoga practice, only a vegetarian diet must be followed.
Yoga Postures of beginners (Asanas)
  • Ashtanga Yoga describes yoga asanas as its 3rd limb. Not only we get a good physical health, but also learn how to control our mind and increase concentration power.

  • Most of the yoga asanas are based on the very slow and steady movements. Unlike other forms of exercise (Jogging, swimming) rapid movements are excluded in yoga poses.

  • The most important advantage of yoga asanas is that the body gets relaxed which subsequently, reduces the stress & strain of mind and body.

  • Unlike other physical activities, we burn comparatively fewer calories during Yoga practice.

  • Yoga helps to bring down the body’s metabolism rate thereby decreasing the rate of aging process.


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