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Monday, December 14, 2009

Yoga Can Cure Impotency

Yoga, the buzz word of today, the scientific methods, the asanas, the poses, so much to help a person live a stress free and healthy life. In the fast moving technological age, yoga is the solution to many health problems. Being a regular yoga follower, helps to cute many ailments without medication and live a balanced life. The astonishing fact is that yoga can even treat impotency if one follows some specific yoga poses regularly.

Impotency in males has been in existence since ages and as a disease it indirectly affects the female society. Although impotence does not affect physically that much, but on mental level it affects drastically as a person feels mentally stressed because of it. In case a person is not involved in a sexual relationship, impotence can greatly reduce his chances of actually being into one. On the other hand, if the man is already involved physically with a woman, the relationship suffers stress and becomes difficult to survive.

Most of the underlying reasons associated with impotency are result of our lifestyles that significantly increase the impotence or sterility in men. Impotence is medically described as a condition where a man’s penis is unable to get erection during sexual intercourse, the reason behind is the inadequate blood flow to the male reproductive system. A variety of medications are prescribed to cure this problem, but it has been noticed practically that yoga can treat impotence in better way. Medicines can treat but generally side effects become nightmare, but with yoga, there are no side effects.

Few psychological factors associated with impotency are stress or anxiety as it negatively affects the relaxation that is absolutely necessary for erection. Yoga helps to get rid of this problem naturally. Yoga helps to attain relaxation and stress-busting. While stress is the main culprit to erectile dysfunction, yoga helps to diminish stress and thus cures impotence. Besides working as a treatment to impotence yoga also improves overall health.

Males suffering from impotence must have faith in Yoga’s healing power and with the traditional techniques taught in the Kama Yogi, regain their lost vigor and energy. It is recommended to follow yoga regularly to get best results for ever.

Here are a few asanas that could help you to overcome impotence
However, the results must be expected only when all these yoga poses are practiced regularly for about a month since yoga works slowly. One should keep in mind that the poses are practiced with the help of expert yoga teacher.


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