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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yoga for Better Sex

A satisfied sexual life is the main ingredient of a successful marriage and a satisfactory marital life. Yoga believes, sex is as natural as air and water since the origin of human being and is the basis of healthy relationship. Yoga treats sex as the most natural method for the reproduction of the human progeny and has a holistic approach on sex. There are several asanas which help in better sex.

Very few of us are aware of the fact that, yoga has scientific methods called Kundalini which describe the asanas that enhance sexuality and effectively increase the sexual power. The asanas help one to control the sexual desires and control your sexual activities to have a more balanced life that rules out overindulgence.

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Yoga experts recommend that for a satisfied sexual life, a person must be free from all his stress and feel relaxed. Not only his body, but mind also must be free from worries and anxieties fully. A synchronized mind and body is the basis of healthy sexual life and yoga helps to focus on the balancing of mind and body following the prescribed asanas and breathing exercises. Not only the sexual part but the overall health also improves. The healing power of yoga is so strong that it can even cure impotency.

The most important thing which yoga aims to achieve to lead a satisfactory sexual life is purity of mind and thoughts. One can feel the enhanced level of sexual activity and also the resulting joy and pleasure. Yoga helps to improve the concentration power and removes anxieties and fears which hinder sexual arousal. The main culprit in distressed sexual activity is the nervous mind that results in the delay of the arousal. Yoga recommends asanas and breathing exercises to feel relaxed and enjoy orgasms in a better way.

Yoga experts prescribe following yoga poses to get enhanced sensitivity, better orgasm, improved energy levels and increased sexual power:


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