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Friday, September 25, 2009

Inversion Therapy through Yoga

Usually, this therapy is used to treatment of back pain as Inversion therapy reduces the compression of your vertebrae and discs thus allowing the ligaments and muscles that enclose the spine to calm down. We all are well aware of the universal truth that gravity affects our body and whole universe in general. Gravity keeps us grounded to the earth. In fact, gravity is what holds everything on earth together in its form and shape. It is such so simple and ordinary that most of us take it for granted.

In our daily routine approximately 16 hrs out of daily 24 hrs are spent in a way that our bodies remain perpendicular. Then again we spend around eight hours horizontal while sleeping. Without really knowing it, the vertical human frame is continuously influenced by gravitational stress.

The direction of the gravitational field can not be changed but it is possible for us to alter the direction in which our body is exposed to gravity so that our body is benefited by gravity in greater sense. The various Yoga poses (asanas), in particular the inverted ones, let gravity to flow through your body in a variety of angles and directions. Inversion lets all organs to shift back to their proper positions. This, in particular, is in the prolapsed organs. It stimulates the flow of blood to the head and brain area.

Emerged as an innovative approach to yoga, Inversion therapy is extremely versatile and adjustable. Yoga Inversion therapy is done with a sling-swing made of colorful and durable parachute fabric, a soft cushion insert and six handles located at three different levels (overhead, waist and foot levels), and two extension springs. Put together, this exceptional piece of equipment allows you to reach almost any imaginable pose, angle, movement, stretch or exercise you can think of. It doesn’t matter, whether it is vertical, horizontal inverted, or any position in between. You are able to achieve an unlimited variety of positions & options you can’t achieve with any other device whether you are playing on the swing airborne or grounded. Nor whether you are working high or low to the floor; nor whether you are sitting upright, hanging inverted, or lying prone, supine or lying on your side.

Inversion therapy began it’s development in the second half of 1993. What is it that attracts people from all ages and states of health and mobility to give up their physical body to be balanced in the air on the hands and feet of a total stranger

Why inversion therapy should be used?
  • This technique of yoga increases your mental alertness. Performing any upside down task improves the oxygen supply to your brain thus helping you to maintain mental sharpness.

  • This yoga therapy improves your posture. The stretch that appears with reverse pose and gravity helps you to sit, stand and move about with more ease and refinement.

  • This yoga therapy helps to maintain your height. Inverting regularly will greatly help you to avoid the shrinkage.

  • With inversion yoga therapy, the gravity aids your lymphatic system clear more rapidly and also this eases the pains and aches of stiff muscles.

  • Inversion yoga therapy relieves you from stress. The full body stretch makes you to feel more energized.
  • Inversion increases your flexibility and also range of motion. Inversion keeps your joints healthy and supple. With this, you can easily stay as active as you were in your younger age.

  • Inversion greatly improves your circulation. Whenever you attain inverted position, your body can circulate the blood supported by gravity instead of having to work against it.

  • Inversion realigns your spine after the workout. Aerobic activities and running unavoidably compresses your spine. Also, one-sided activities like tennis or golf pull your spine out of alignment. But, the inversion therapy makes these minor misalignment correct themselves naturally.
  • If you feel uncomfortable during inversion, then it is better to invert at a smaller angle or invert for a short time i.e. until your whole body gets adapted for inversion.

  • Before considering the inversion therapy, once consult your doctor if you have any conditions like high blood pressure, any eye conditions or heart disease.

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