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Monday, February 15, 2010

Yoga Treatment For Baldness

Baldness is defined as the absence of hair, especially in the skull region. The rate at which hair fall may vary from person to person. Irrespective of age and sex, this is a common problem among all age groups. More prevalent among older people due to ageing and as a natural phenomenon, it youngsters also these days. A minimum daily hair fall is normal. But frequent hair fall is the cause of concern as it results in baldness.

  • Men are easy prey to baldness and thinning of hair with receding hairline is the first noticeable symptom that must not be ignored.
  • Loosing 100 to 150 hairs daily is quite normal among women. But clumps of hair clinging to your comb must not be ignored at all.
  • Take it seriously if you notice significant amount of hair on your pillow after waking up in the morning or on the shower floor, as it is more than average hair fall.
  • Baldness may be first symptom of serious diseases like the myxodema, acute fever, influenza, anemia, syphilis etc.
  • Any mental shock or abnormal anxiety may cause baldness.
  • In most of the cases, eczema on the scalp induces baldness.
Yoga may not serve as a solution to the baldness directly. However, can help indirectly by fighting with stress that causes baldness. Most of the Yoga poses help in diminishing stress. Still, the Kundalini and Hatha yoga is the most effective. Meditation is also beneficial.

  • Preserve raw mangoes in oil for one year. Rub that oil on the scalp. It is a beneficial cure to fight baldness.
  • Make a paste of 1 tablespoon of licorice roots grinded well, in 1 cup of milk and add a quarter teaspoon of saffron. This paste should be applied on the scalp before going to bed.
  • Make a paste of fenugreek seeds with water and apply it on the head. Keep the paste for more than 10 minutes and wash it away. If done in the morning for at least one month, it gives effective results.
  • Boil four henna leaves in one cup of mustard oil and filter the potion and keep it in the bottle. Store it in a cool place and massage it on the bald areas frequently.
  • You can also grind the remains of the tobacco in the hookah and add it to boiling mustard oil. After cooling it down, store it in a cool place. Apply it on the bald patches.
Ayurveda suggests that henna and the leaves of beetroot are very effective cure to baldness. As a permanent cure, boil green and soft leaves of beetroot in water. Take them out on softening and make a pulp by coarsely grinding. Add the water with which it is boiled if required to make a smooth paste. Do the same with the henna and then both the leaves should be ground together. Use this paste to rub on the head. Keep it till it dries, take lukewarm water and add lime juice to it. Then, wash the paste with this water. Do it for 1 month. It works tremendously and hair starts growing in the bald areas. However, if the baldness is hereditary, the results may not be seen.

In the cases where serious diseases have resulted in baldness, do not hesitate to consult medical experts immediately. Vigorous rubbing is an effective naturopathic treatment for baldness.


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