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Monday, June 14, 2010

Yoga and Ayurvedic Treatment of Diarrhea

Diarrhea is not a disease in itself but the indication of several ailments. A person having diarrhea passes loose stools. It can become chronic in some cases. Chronic diarrhea can subsist for a long time. It can make an individual feel very weak. It often leads to malnutrition in children.

  • A person suffering from diarrhea may pass watery and loose stool frequently.
  • He can also suffer from a lack of appetite.
  • Nausea and vomiting are two persistent signs of this ailment.
  • It also creates the sensation of pain in several body parts like stomach and abdomen.
  • The victims of diarrhea also suffer from dehydration.
Several factors may cause diarrhea in a person.
  • In majority of the cases, diarrhea is caused by various types of bacterial infections. These bacteria get into the human body through water and contaminated food.
  • There are a number of viruses that also lead to diarrhea. Some of them are cytomegalovirus, Norwalk virus, herpes simplex virus etc. In some cases parasitic infections also lead to diarrhea.
  • Intolerance to certain types of food can also cause diarrhea.
People suffering from both short- and long-term diarrhea can try Yoga. Yoga is beneficial in curing digestive tract ailments and indigestion-related disorders. Some standing Yoga postures are recommended for digestive health.
  • Parvritta Trikonasana and Trikonasana are ideal for patients of diarrhea.
  • Benefits can be drawn from practicing the extended side angle pose or Parsvakonasana.
  • The camel pose, or Ustrasana, helps in stretching the abdomen and strengthening the back muscles of body.
  • If a person is currently suffering from acute diarrhea, it would be advisable not to practice deep forward folds. These postures tend to increase bowel activity.
If a person suffers from regular indigestion, starting a Yoga regime will be helpful. However, people suffering from serious digestive problems like ulcerative colitis need to consult a doctor before starting Yogic practices. To draw maximum benefit, a person suffering from digestive disorders needs to practice Yoga twice or thrice a week.


There are some herbal and home-based remedies for treating diarrhea.
  • Meadowsweet is used by many people for treating cases of childhood diarrhea. It helps in toning up the lining of the small intestine.
  • Other herbal products that yield good result in treating diarrhea are Ladies Mantle, Ribwort, Agrimony and Cranesbill.
  • When mild agents fail one can think of using stronger astringents like Oak Bark.
The Ayurvedic remedies for diarrhea include:
  • A blend of Hingavashtaka Churna, Gangadhara Churna and Kutaja Churna can be taken by diarrhea patients daily. Each ingredient should not exceed 1 gm in quantity.
  • As an alternative, one can try using the blend of 240 mg Mahagandhaka Yoga, Raman Churna and 120 mg of Sanjivani. This should be taken with honey.
  • Rasanjanadi Churna and Yamani Shadava can be taken twice daily in quantities of 15 gm and 1.5 gm respectively.
Diarrhea can be treated according to the cause. If bacterial or viral contamination is the cause, a person needs to take medication accordingly. Sticking to healthy eating habits can also save a person from this ailment.

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