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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ayurvedic Treatment for Boils

A localized infection deep inside the skin is known as a boil. It begins as a reddened tender area. Over time, the area becomes hard, firm yet tender. The center of the abscess softens gradually and fills up with infection fighting WBC which the body sends from the bloodstream to eradicate the infection. This collection of WBC, proteins and bacteria is called pus. Pus forms a head that can be opened surgically or be drained out through the surface of the skin. To sum up, a boil can be best described as a skin infection that causes irritation and is often painful.

  • Appearance of small red balls on the skin is the main symptom of boils. These red balls slowly become big with a small mouth in the center where the pus accumulates. These balls then become firm and the surrounding area become red and hard.
  • Patients might also experience swollen lump nodes and fever, in case of severe infection.
  • Itching might develop in some people before the formation of lumps.
  • Sometimes, a boil can emit an unpleasant smell, especially when a discharge is present.
  • Ingrown hair can be the reason for a boil.
  • Some boils are formed due to a foreign substance or splinter that penetrates the skin and stays there.
  • Growth of staphylococcus germs can be a cause of this ailment. These germs enter the body through sweat glands.
  • Boils can erupt because of an increase in the level of toxic substances in the blood. This toxicity increases due to unhealthy food habits, improper movement of bowel, some chronic disease or excess consumption of alcohol.
  • Hot packs or hot soaks is the best home remedy for treating boils. Heat application increases circulation and allows the body to fight the infection better by bringing WBC and antibodies to the site of infection.
  • Good hygiene and the use of antibacterial soap prevent growth of bacteria on skin. Special cleansers like pHisoderm can be used to reduce bacteria on the skin.
  • A proper diet is essential. Orange juice should be taken 4 times a day for a week. After the orange juice diet is over, green leafy vegetables, cereals, fresh juicy fruits, grams, etc should be given.
  • Apply garlic or onion or bitter gourd extracts over boils.
  • Boil parsley leaves until they become soft. Wrap the boiled leaves in clean perforated cloth and apply them on the boils.
  • Take 3-4 betel leaves and boil them in water until they become soft. Put 2 drops of castor oil on them. Cover the boils with these leaves.
Heat application with hot soaks or hot packs is the best treatment for boils. Ayurvedic treatments and home remedies are also quite beneficial. Apart from this, you must always try maintaining a healthy bowel movement and keep your body clean

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  1. My boils were very painful, so I would open them up. This didn't help get rid of them, but for a while it gave me relief.Boilx when I spray my my boils get cured in just a week.